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World's Largest Frying Pan - Georgetown, DE

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We saw on Roadside America that the largest frying pan was at the Marvel Carriage Museum in Georgetown, DE. We pulled into the parking lot and the museum was closed. We saw a gentleman painting one of the buildings and inquired about the frying pan. He offered to give us a sneak peek of the frying pan. He was in the process of getting the Marvel Carriage Museum ready for their opening on November 1. Not only did he show us the frying pan but also gave us a tour of the 1832 one room schoolhouse, the 1890 Methodist Church, the carriages and telephone booth.

The frying pan which is 10 feet across and 18 feet long with the handle, was originally produced for the Delmarva Chicken Festival. The festival started in 1949 to celebrate the area's poultry industry. The frying pan weighs over 650 pounds, can hold 350 chickens and they used 200 gallons of oil to cook the chickens.

Located at: Marvel Carriage Museum, 510 S. Bedford Street, Georgetown, DE

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