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West Laurel Hill Cemetery - Bala Cynwyd

Updated: Feb 21

West Laurel Hill Cemetery is a historic rural cemetery located in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1869, has over 200 acres and contains the burials of many notable people.

Located at: 225 Belmont Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Charles Frederick Berwind - 4/1/1846 - 12/4/1890 - 44 yrs. Anita Hickman Berwind - 8/27/1852 in Buenos Aires, Argentina - 4/29/1922 - 69 in Paris, City of Paris, le-de-France

Charles organized the Berwind-White Coal Mining Company with his brother Edward J. and Judge Allison White. He was the president of the Berwind-White Coal Mining Company from 1886 until his death in 1890. He was one of the wealthiest merchants in the coal trade.

Clayton - "If We Helped Somebody Then Our Living Was Not In Vain"

Jean Augusta Girard - 6/17/1808 - 1870

Jean was the nephew of Philadelphia businessman Stephen Girard. His grave is marked by his bust which once illuminated at night but has slowly deteriorated.

Jean was also known as the man who was so wealthy he helped bail out the United States after the War of 1812.

Lee A. Holloway - 12/21/1904 - 1977

Wonder if his dog Archie and his cat Oliver Boo are actually buried with him.

Theodore (Teddy) DeReese Pendergass - 3/26/1950 - 1/13/2010

Teddy Pendergass was a rhythm and blues singer and songwriter during the 1970s and 1980s.

Born in Philadelphia, he started singing gospel music in church. He became an ordained minister at the age of 10. Teddy taught himself to play several instruments and started playing with the band, The Cadillacs, which merged to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes and then onto a solo career.

Teddy was the first African American to sell 5 platinum albums in a row. He also practiced ladies only concerts.

On March 18, 1982, Teddy was paralyzed when his Rolls Royce brakes failed and he hit a tree. After 6 months of therapy he appeared on July 13, 1985 at the Live Aid Concerts in Philadelphia.

In 1998 he wrote his autobiography, “Truly Blessed”.

Teddy died at the age of 59 following surgery for colon cancer.

George Ristine - died 3/21/1902

John S. Serrill - 7/13/1838 - 12/25/1905 - 67 yrs.

Rebecca B. Babb Serrill - 9/9/1840 - 8/10/1918 - 77 years


George Grant Snowden - 9/4/1865 - 1/17/1918 - 52 yrs.

Pearl Pinkerton McClelland Snowden - 7/8/1875 - 5/27/1943 - 67 yrs.

James Stewart McClelland - 11/14/1850 - 9/22/1934 - 83 yrs.

Martha Jane Pinkerton McClelland - 8/1/1854 - 6/6/1940 - 85 yrs.

Bernard Spain - Cocktails at Six

11/6/1934 - 1/6/2021 - 86 years

William L. Ziegler - 8/15/1846 - 8/6/1915 - 68 yrs.

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