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Warner Centre Sign - Pittsburgh, PA

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The Warner Centre is a former theatre and opera house located at 332 5th Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. It opened on March 7, 1918 under the name Grand Theatre. It was renamed Warner Theatre on January 2, 1930.

There was a huge basement under the auditorium that you would access by walking down a stone set of spiral stairs that were adjacent to the stage. In the basement there were markings on the wall giving the water level of the 1937 St. Patrick’s Day flood in Pittsburgh. Dressing rooms were behind the stage. There were also three floors that were part of the abandoned department store called “Frank & Cedar” which closed around 1960. There were also a set of steps that led to the Forbes Avenue box office.

In October 1953 it was converted into a Cinerama theatre. In 1983 the theatre closed, and it was demolished. They did retain the doors and a portion of the lobby for the new Warner Centre, a two-story shopping center that was built in its place.

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