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UFO-Shaped House - Milton, DE

The Futuro home was designed in 1968 by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. He believed these homes could be mass produced to solve the world’s housing shortage. Only about 96 were made.

In the 1970’s, Milton landowner, Joe Hudson, sold the futurist homes. Two homes were sold in Delaware - one in Milton and one in Houston.

Mr. Hudson first used the home as an office for the airport. He later rented the home out to Rich Garrett. In an article in Delamarva Daily Times, Rich Garrett, said that when it rains it sounds like tupperware in a dishwasher, but that he loves his home.

Very few of the Futuro homes still exist in the United States. When we visited, it looked like the home was under renovations and no one lived there.

Located at: Eagle Crest-Hudson Airport, Eagle Crest Road, Milton, DE

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