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Two Andy’s Murals - Pittsburgh, PA

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Touches of Andy Warhol’s art can be found all over the city. One of the most memorable tributes to this artist is "The Two Andy’s" mural by Tom Mosser and Sarah Zeffiro in Downtown Pittsburgh. Andy Warhol is on the left, and Andrew Carnegie is on the right. The mural is appropriately located above Weiner World, a well-known Pittsburgh hot dog shop. This colorful mural depicts Andy Warhol and Andrew Carnegie ‘dolled-up” in a beauty salon. The mural is the perfect image of two of Pittsburgh's most iconic figures who, despite sharing the same first name, are greatly different in Pittsburgh’s history.

This mural was produced as part of the Sprout Fund’s Public Art Program, which oversaw the production 55 murals in neighborhoods throughout Pittsburgh between 2003 and 2010. The Sprout Fund highlighted community input and also offered young artists, like Zeffiro and Mosser, an chance to produce large-scale, public works, such as this. Today, Sprout Fund murals can be found throughout the city.

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