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Tschantz Graveyard - Lancaster, PA

The Tschantz Graveyard is perhaps the oldest graveyard in Lancaster County, if not, one of the oldest in our nation.

Three of Lancaster County's most famous pioneers are buried here: Martin Meylin, Jacob Miller and Wendel Bauman. The Tschantz Cemetery is a rather small cemetery with a few dozen headstones that are almost impossible to read.

Martin Meylin is buried here. He is perhaps the most famous; credited with the creation of the Pennsylvania Long Rifle, later misnamed the Kentucky Long Rifle. Meylin’s family is also buried here; a stone for his wife and son, Barbara Meylin and Martin Meylin, Jr.

Jacob Miller is the oldest to be buried here. Jacob was born in Germany. He died April 20, 1739. When he died, he was 76 years, 1 month and 3 weeks. Miller passed on some of his land to his sons. His son Samuel received the land directly next to the cemetery. Jacob’s wife later remarried Hans Tschantz who set aside the land for the cemetery.

The final pioneer was Wendell Bowman who lived nearby and died in 1735. Wendell built a two-story log cabin in 1712 that was in the center of his 530-acre tract of land. Under the east end of the cabin was a stonewalled arch cellar. If the cabin existed today it would be the oldest-known structure in Lancaster County.

Located at: 2100 Pequea Lane, Lancaster 17602

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