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Trump House – 4432 State Route 982, Youngstown, PA

This post is in no way a political post. It is not for or against a political party, so PLEASE no rude or disrespectful comments!

This farmhouse is something we came across on our travels and like everything else we post, we are sharing the history and how it came to be. Any negative comments will be deleted.

Leslie Rossi and her husband, both real estate agents, purchased a rundown farmhouse in Youngstown, PA. They originally purchased the home as an investment. During Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign, Leslie painted the exterior of the house with the American flag. She then added a metal 14 foot stand up of Donald Trump in the front yard which has been shot at and beaten.

A friend told Donald Trump about the house and in September 2016 he posted a photo on Facebook. After Trump won the election Rossie went to a victory rally and had the opportunity to meet President Trump.

The Trump House was closed up while Donald Trump was President but reopened during the 2020 Presidential campaign. Thousands of visitors have flocked to the farmhouse. Visitors have come as far as China and Japan.

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