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Tony Packo’s Cafe - Toledo, OH

Tony and his wife, Rose, started the restaurant in 1932 when they took a $100 loan from a relative. They sold a Hungarian hot dog, sausage on rye with spicy chili for 5 cents. By 1935, with their business doing so well, they were able to purchase a building on Front and Consaul Streets in Ohio.

In 1972 Burt Reynolds ate at the restaurant. When asked for an autograph he picked up a bun and signed it. Since then, many famous people have walked thru their doors and signed buns which are displayed on the walls of the restaurant. Now they sign on foam buns.

Jamie Farr, a native of Toledo, mentioned Tony Packo’s n six of the M*A*S*H episodes. This put Tony Packo’s on the map.

For more information on Tony Packo's Cafe, visit them online by clicking HERE.

Located at: 3348 Secor Road, Toledo OH 43606. For additional locations, visit them online at:

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