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Thrashers French Fries - Ocean City, MD

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

You can’t go to Ocean City, MD without getting Thrashers french fries. They are tasty and made to perfection!

In 1929, a Georgian man named J. T. Thrasher introduced a business concept to the Ocean City, Maryland community. Mr. Thrasher suggested a concession stand selling french fries based upon quality ingredients, hard work and perfection.

Thrasher’s was located in the breezeway of the Ocean City Amusement Pier. Due to health issues, Mr. Thrasher unfortunately had to sell his business, but made sure to look for a buyer who would continue his high standards of quality and expertise. The buyer was the legendary Ocean City businessman, Franklin “Crip” Hastings, a self-made entrepreneur.

Mr. Hastings moved Thrasher’s to the boardwalk location where it is presently located. Through the business sale the original process and recipe were never changed. There was no deviation from quality or tradition.

In 1974, Mr. Charles Jenkins purchased Thrasher’s following the death of Mr. Hastings. Again, Mr. Jenkins did not alter the original secret recipe or the cooking process in the slightest way.

Through five generations and eighty years, Thrasher’s has changed hands only twice.

For Thrasher locations and store hours, visit them online at:

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