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Thompson-Neely Grist Mill - New Hope, PA

The first mill on this property was built in 1740 by John Simpson. He ran a grist and saw mill for 6 years before he died. It then passed to Robert Thompson who married Mr. Simpson’s widow, Hannah. He ran the mill for over 40 years. William Neely married Mr. Thompson’s daughter and took over the milling business.

George Washington’s Revolutionary War troops used the home and property as a hospital and encampment.

When the Delaware Canal was completed it robbed the mill of its water source. Mr. Neely received compensation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and rebuilt the mill to the west side of River Road and redirected the water.

The second mill ran from 1829-1873 and the mill that is currently there ran from 1875 to 1910. After the building was closed for about 20 years, restoration work began in 2016. In 2018 the property was opened for tours.

On the 500 acres of land there is grist mill, saw mill cooper’s shop, distillery, store, sawyer’s house, miller’s house, barns and other buildings.

Located at: 1635 River Road, New Hope, PA 18938

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