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The Union Hotel - Everett, PA

The Union Hotel is a historic building dating back to pre-Civil War. Very few properties offer so much history with a modern feel and experience. This beautiful tavern was built in 1802 by Michael Barndollar. After his wife Catherine died in 1821 she left the tavern to her son, Jacob.

Jacob operated it as "Stone Front Store" until 1861 when it was changed to "Jacob Barndollar's Tavern and Hotel." He added a jail to the basement as Bloody Run was incorporated into a Borough. During the summer of 1863, the hotel and tavern were occupied by Union troops under Major General Robert Huston Milroy after their defeat at the Battle of Winchester.

Later that year, John A Gump changed the name of the building to "Ball's Head Tavern". Railroad service also came to Bloody Run (Everett) that year. Carriage service started from the hotels in town and carried people to the Barndollar Railroad Station. Next year the building was finally renamed to "Union Hotel" and again occupied by Union Troops after the Burning of Chambersburg.

In 1873 the town was renamed from Bloody Run to Everett, as it is known today. Over a decade later in 1891, Thomas Eichelberger added a brick front to the hotel. In the 1920s the tavern became known as "Stag Bar". Throughout the next 90 years the hotel and tavern changed ownership nine times. In 2009 a major remodel was completed and the hotel reopened.

The hotel has double taverns, dining rooms, banquet rooms, conference rooms and 12-hotel rooms. Hammered tin ceilings, extensive crown and classic dentil crown moldings, marble and granite walls, counters, window sills and floors and a grand staircase. The hotel consists of four levels.

After some research, we learned that the hotel is currently closed. In 2016, the hotel was listed for sale. We were not able to find any additional information on if it was purchased or under new ownership. Please contact us if you have any information on the Union Hotel.

The hotel is located at: 28 East Main Street, Everett, PA 15537.

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