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The Troll That Hatched an Egg, by Thomas Dambo - Dayton, OH

Once upon a time there was a family of trolls that lived in the forest. Even though the trolls were giant creatures in the forest, the parents could remind their daughter to stay close by, beneath the leaves, amongst the trees, where she belongs.

One day, Little Bibbi was lying on her back in the forest looking at the beautiful sky. As she waited for her red bird friend to come by she noticed a giant metal bird with large stiff arms flying above the treetops. Suddenly out of nowhere an enormous stone was falling from the sky. She tried to catch one and she did! This stone looked more like an egg.

Bibbi explained to her parents what the large metal bird looked like. Puzzled why the metal bird would drop eggs, they knew they had to create a nest and sit on the egg.

Days later, Bibbi went looking for the large metal mother bird. She gathered branches from the forest and began to make herself a large set of wings. Before sunrise she snuck away. She ran and ran and flapped her wings and before she knew it she was flying.

While flying she spotted the large metal bird. She began yelling at the metal bird and asking it questions but it would not answer her. It slowly stretched down its large metal legs and spinning round feet. She looked down and saw a metal bird with little people walking in and out of their bellies. She immediately knew that this was not a bird nor was the giant egg a real egg.

As much as she wanted to continue flying and exploring the forest, Little Bibbi knew she had to get home to tell her parents they could get off of the eggs because it was not going to hatch. Bibbi now knew how special her home was and the importance of protecting it.

For more information on the story and the Artist, Thomas Dambo, click HERE.

Located at: Aullwood Audubon, 1000 Aullwood Road, Dayton OH 45414-1129

Bo - the father

Bodil - the mother

Bibbi - the daughter


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