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The Jigger Shop - Mount Gretna, PA

The Myer’s Pavilion was founded in 1895 by Charlie Myers as a sweet shop. In the 1920’s ice cream and fountain sodas were added.

Legend has it that in the early 1900’s, two girls were vacationing in Mt. Gretna for the summer. They visited the Myer's Pavilion and requested that the waitress make “something different”. The girls loved the sundae creation so much that they returned every day and asked the Myer's Pavilion to make the “jigger”. This is how the shop name changed from the Myer’s Pavilion to the Jigger Shop.

What is the famous Jigger sundae? It is made with 2½ scoops of buttery French vanilla ice cream, your choice of chocolate or butterscotch syrup and whipped marshmallow. The Jigger is topped with a dusting of Jigger nuts.

The Jigger Shop is open Memorial Day until Labor Day and serves ice cream and light fare such as hamburgers and french fries. They are closed Mondays and open Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-9pm.

Located at: 202 Gettysburg Avenue, Mount Gretna, PA

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