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St. Peter’s Village - St. Peter’s, PA

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

St. Peter's Village

St. Peter's Village was found in the mid-1800’s and was the home to workers at the iron ore mines & quarry that were located in the woods nearby.

St. Peter's Village has been a popular spot to tourists: shop the small businesses, stop by the bakery, hike, dine at the popular St. Peter's Inn or stop by the arcade before you leave the village.

Hiking the trails is also popular to many tourists. Many bring their family, friends or even dogs to hike the trails. There is also a small swimming hole that is a popular spot to cool off after your hike.

Unfortunately, over the years the woods have been defaced. The trees and bolders, along the trails, have been graffitied. It is still a beautiful place to hike and visit but sad to what people have done to the wooded area, thinking it's art.......

Located at: 3471 Saint Peters Road, St. Peters, PA 19470

The Inn at St. Peter's Village

The Inn at St. Peter’s Village is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Inn was created in 1881 by Dave Knauer. The construction of “Excursion House” marked the beginning of Knauer's wish to create a recreational weekend retreat for visitors.

To this day, St. Peter's Village continues to be a weekend retreat for visitors. The inn is a relaxing place where visitors gather for good food, entertainment, refreshing beverages and to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. The main street, St Peter’s Road, runs parallel to French Creek , which is filled with enormous boulders. Spend the morning hiking the paths along the creek and exploring The village also has several small shops: an ice-cream parlor, an arcade, holistic shop and several vintage shops.

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