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The Inn at Lincoln Square - Gettysburg, PA

Joel Buchanan Danner bought what became the Danner Guest House on March 7, 1834 from John N. Starr. Over the course of many years, Joel served as a Treasurer for the Directors of the Poor, and also served as Justice of the Peace. He was very active in his community.

In June of 1863, Joel helped to organize an emergency militia should the Civil War find its way to Gettysburg. On July 1, 1863, the Civil War found its way to the town and Joel served on Gettysburg's Central Relief Committee. The Inn was occupied by the Confederate Army from July 1, 1863 through July 4, 1863. The town of Gettysburg was left with scars of what became known as the turning point of the War.

Joel Danner passed away on July 29th, 1885. It was said that the Danner’s home was always filled with family and friends. Joel and his wife, Mary Juliet Buchanan, raised seven children and the house remained in the family; it was passed from child to child.

In 1875, the oldest child Henry purchased the home from his father. He started a small business selling clothing for men and boys. Henry ran the business out of the home. In 1894, before Henry died, he transferred the house to his sister, Sarah Danner Hay. Sarah died in 1908 and willed the property to her sisters, Annie and Eveline (Eva). Annie was born in 1833 and lived in the home all her life. Much of Annie’s time was dedicated to mentoring girls who worked to make a living. The Annie Danner Club of Industrial Girls was created in her honor. When Annie died on February 25th, 1920, the property and all its belongings were handed down to the youngest child, Irene, who was born in 1852. In 1890, Irene married Reverend Reinewald and when he passed away in 1920, she moved back to the family home on Lincoln Square.

Irene was interested in developing a Gettysburg YWCA branch and asked to meet with representatives. The group found that a new building would be too expensive so they would have the meetings in their homes. Some meetings were held in the Danner House. Irene passed away on May 28, 1925 and provided Gettysburg with a YWCA that became an essential part of the town. On October 22, 1926, all women of Adams County were invited to the first organizational meeting of the Gettysburg YWCA.

Due to growth in size, the YWCA could no longer operate from the confines of the Danner House. A new facility was built in August 1980. On December 8, 1989, after the new YWCA was completed, the organization sold the Danner House.

Today the building is called the Inn at Lincoln Square. This stunning inn is a brick colonial, which has been beautifully maintained and is one of Gettysburg’s four original civil war buildings that witnessed the infamous battle and stands on the historic Lincoln Square, to this day.

Located at: 12 Lincoln Square, Gettysburg, PA 17325

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