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The Ghost of Old Main - Kutztown, PA

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

If you live in the Kutztown area or went to Kutztown University you have heard the story of Mary that haunts the 5th floor of Old Main.

Mary Snyder, 22 years old, from Limekiln died in 1895 the night before her graduation at Kutztown University.

There are so many stories circulating regarding the cause of Mary’s death. One story is that she found herself pregnant and hung herself, another is that she died from swelling of the brain from overstudying and yet another that she died of a heart ailment.

According to legend Mary haunts the 5th floor of Old Main. Lights flicker, electronics function that aren’t plugged in, cold spots, mysterious footsteps, doors opening and closing, objects floating, and an apparition of a young girl can be spotted in the windows.

I’ve been to the 5th floor several times and Mary has not let her presence known to me.

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