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The Gardenville Hotel - Plumstead, PA

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

In the 1700's an ale house was located at the intersection of Durham and Point Pleasant Roads. Charles Price bought the ale house and named it Price's Tavern.

Legend has it that in 1783 Col. Hart was drinking on the porch when he received word about a member of the infamous Doan Gang. This hotel is said to be the location where the gang formed to finally capture and kill Moses Doan.

Around February 27, 1856, the ale house name was changed to Gardenville. Later it served as a biker bar, then was renovated. Today it is known as The Gardenville Hotel and has great food reviews. Unfortunately, we already ate or we would have stopped to grab a bite to eat. The next time we return it's on our list of places to definitely visit.

Located at: corner of Ferry Road and Route 413, Plumstead, PA

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