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The Doan Gang - Graves of Levi & Abraham - Doylestown, PA

The Doan Gang, also known as the Doan Boys or Plumstead Cowboys, consisted of five brothers - Moses, Joseph, Levi, Mahlon and Aaron and a cousin Abraham. All of the men were reported to be tall, handsome, had dark brown hair and were superior athletes.

The Doans grew up in a Quaker family and were raised in a religion to not take sides in the Revolution. The local government taxed them, raided their crops and seized their farm. This started the retaliation from the Doan gang.

The Doans became spies for the British during the Revolutionary War. They stole horses from residents of Bucks County and sold them to the Redcoats in Philadelphia and Baltimore. They also robbed tax collectors.

They robbed Newtown Treasury of 1307 pounds which was never found. It is rumored to have been hidden in one of the caves they used as a hideout.

It is also rumored that Joseph Doan pretended to be Lord Rawdon from England and stayed with a prominent Philadelphia family. During his stay he stole their money and silverware.

In 1770 Moses went to live with the Native Americans and grew his hair long. He did not join the Native Americans on raids on settlers in villages where he grew up.

In July of 1776 Moses and Levi rode to Staten Island, NY and offered themselves and their brothers to General Howe as spies for the Crown. General Howe accepted their offer. Moses did most of the spying while the other gang members did the raiding and robbing.

In 1783, Moses Doan, was hiding in a cabin on the Halsey farm off Fleecydale Road. Mrs. Halsey didn’t have enough flour to feed the gang so she sent her 11 year old son to a mill. The boy let it slip that the Doans were on his parents farm and word was passed to Colonel Hunt who was drinking at Gardenville Tavern. Colonel William Hunt and a posse of 14 armed men attacked the Doans. Moses was shot and died instantly. Abraham and Levi escaped out the back window. Moses body was buried in an unmarked grave in Fisherville. Moses was born January 22, 1750 and died at the age of 33 on August 28, 1783.

In 1783 Mahlon escaped a jail in Bedford, PA and went to New York City. Mahlon was born in 1758.

In 1784 Joseph escaped a Newtown jail, changed his name and posed as a NJ school teacher for a year before being discovered. He then fled to Canada. Joseph was born April 11, 1752 and died at the age of 92 on June 4, 1844 in Ontario, Canada.

On May 17, 1787 Aaron was sentenced to death but was pardoned on the condition he leave America and never return. Aaron was born in 1754 and died August 2, 1884 in Canada.

Abraham and Levi were captured and hung on September 24, 1788. Their parents wanted them to be buried at the Plumstead Friends Meeting house but due to their crimes had to be buried outside the cemetery walls. On their tombstones “outlaw” is engraved. Levi was born in 1756 and died at the age of 31.

Located at: 4914-A, 4914 Point Pleasant Pike, Doylestown, PA 18902

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