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Daniel's Farm & D&H Canal Park at Lock 31 - Hawley, PA

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

This historic building dates to the early 1800s and was built using post and beam construction. In 1821 the farm was owned by Russell Daniels and his wife, Cynthia and was called the Daniels Farm. They were among the earliest inhabitants of the area. After purchasing the property, they cleared and farmed the property and raised their 8 children there.

The canal, which was built in the rear of the property, took 3 years to build and was done solely by hand. By 1829 boats locked through daily. The D&H Canal is a 108 mile long civil engineering achievement. In 1898 the canal was drained and the land was sold.

In 2001 the Wayne County Historical Society purchased the house and ten acres and started the process of preservation.

The D&H Canal Park at Lock 31 has acres to explore. A walk along the towpath reveals beautiful views and many species along the Lackawaxen River.

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