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Stone Bench & Stone Sculpture with White Marble Bird - Emmaus, Pa

The sculpture of a stone column surrounded by a white marble bird is located at the Emmaus Community Library. The stone column and white bird are dedicated in memory of James Atticus John-Paul-George & Ringo Ralls; a young borough man with an extraordinary name who lost his fight to drug addiction.

On one side of the plaque it reads, "Spread your wings and fly," a lyric from one of James' songs. “You are the music in our hearts," says the other side of the plaque, which also bears James' name and life dates: "Jan. 2, 1996 – Aug. 17, 2014."

The sculpture, which includes a stone bench beside the column, is the work of Steven R. Snyder of Pipersville, Bucks County. It's a striking arrangement and the sentiments are lovely.

James’ mother hopes that this beautiful area will bring parents and their children together.

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