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Mr. Sticky’s - Pottstown, PA

Our family loves sticky buns so when a co-worker told us about Mr. Sticky’s in Pottstown we knew we had to go.  I picked up a box of the mini sticky buns for my husband and my mother took home 3 of the sticky buns so she could fry them in some butter - as if there weren’t enough calories in the bun already- haha.  

A Sugar Valley baker shared a sticky bun recipe with Phil Poorman.  Over time he perfected the recipe.  Mr. Poorman, his wife and children started serving the Extremely Addictive Sticky Bun at the Boarding House Restaurant at the Grange Fair and Encampment.  In 2000 the bakery appeared in a food truck at the Citizens Hose Firemen’s Carnival in Jersey City, PA and it grew from there.  The first sticks and bricks Mr. Sticky’s was in Williamsport, PA.  

If you like sweets, like we do, this is a must stop.

Located at:  600 Heritage Drive, Suite 102, Pottstown, PA

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