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Statue of Sallie Ann Jarret - Gettysburg, PA

Sallie Ann Jarret, born in 1861, was the canine mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry. She was a bull terrier with a beautiful brindle coat.

Sallie was gifted at 4 weeks old to Capt. William R. Terry of Company I in May of 1861 by a resident of West Chester while the regiment was training at Camp Wayne. She was named after two people, a young lady of the town whom they admired and the original commanding officer, Colonel Phaon Jarrett.

Sallie attended roll call every morning, accompanied the soldiers on their drills, wore regimental colors during parades and was always in the front lines next to Colonial Richard Coulter's horse. She even paraded twice with her regiment in front of President Lincoln.

In July 1863 Sallie was separated during battle from her regiment. She was found three days later guarding the wounded and dead regiments, even though she was also wounded.

In May 1864 Sallie was shot in the neck. The bullet remained lodged in her neck for several months before it worked itself out.

She accompanied the soldiers throughout most of the Civil War. While with the regiment Salle had 5 liters of pups.

Sallie was killed in action on February 6, 1865 at the Battle of Hatcher’s Run when she moved forward with the first line of soldiers. Even though the soldiers were under heavy fire they stopped and buried her where she fell.

Veterans of the 11th erected their monument on the Gettysburg Battlefield in 1890. Her statue lies below the towering bronze figure of a cavalry soldier. The 13 foot tall monument stands on Oak Ridge in Gettysburg.

Located at: 104 Doubleday Avenue, Gettysburg, PA, 17325

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