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St. Stanislavsky Kostka Church - Pittsburgh, PA

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

St. Stanislavsky Kostka Church is a historic church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA. The church is located in the Strip District and is an example of the ‘Polish Cathedral’ style of churches.

The congregation was formed in 1873 when 200 Polish families came together to form the St. Stainslaus Kostka Beneficial Society. The church was constructed in 1891 and was designed by Pittsburgh architect Frederick Sauer.

The church is built on the ground surface, and there is no basement. The twin towers support a total of seven bells. The stained glass figure windows were produced in Munich, Germany, at the Royal Bavarian Art Institute at a cost of $27,672—a major expense for that time. Today it would would cost almost $538,000. The windows in the church are some of the best period "Munich Style" stained glass in the United States.

March of 1936, on St. Patrick’s Day there was a flood which damaged the church. Then in December of the same year, an explosion at the Pittsburgh Banana Company weakened the tower and the bonnets were removed.

In September of 1969, Cardinal Karol Wojtvyla and Pope John Paul II visited and offered prayers at St. Stanislavsky Kostka. With 1,600 parishioners, the congregation has nearly doubled since 2000. About 300 people come to the 9 and 11 a.m. Sunday Masses, and 30 attend daily Masses. Those rising numbers of attendees reflect the recent activity of the Strip in recent years, as new housing developments, shops and restaurants attract people from across the area.

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