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Space Acorn - Kecksburg, PA

On December 9, 1965, Kecksburg, PA was visited by a UFO. A giant fireball was seen across the sky in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Canada. Kecksburg residents claimed it landed/crashed in the nearby woods.

Military officials attributed the fireball and crash to a mid-sized meteor and said nothing was recovered in the woods but residents who were first on the scene describe seeing a bronze colored, acorn shaped object the size of a VW Beetle bearing markings like Egyptian hieroglyphics. Officials even showed up at Kecksburg residents telling them to be quiet about what they saw.

John Murphy, a reporter, was one of the first to arrive and took photos. Murphy created a radio documentary called “Object in the Woods” which described what he saw. Before the piece aired, government officials allegedly confiscated his photos. Four years later, while Murphy was vacationing in California, he was killed by an apparent hit-and-run.

In 1990 the TV show “Unsolved Mysteries” constructed a life size replica of the so-called Space Acorn based on eye witness accounts. After the shoot, the acorn was left in Kecksburg and placed on an elevated platform. The acorn can be seen nestled in a wooded area near 15 Water Street Kecksburg, PA.

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