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South Tenth Street Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA

The bridge was built in 1931 and connects South Tenth Street on the South Side to Second Avenue. It is most often called the Tenth Street Bridge. The bridge was renamed on Labor Day 2007 for Philip Murray, the first president of the United Steelworkers of America. The Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Monongahela River in Downtown Pittsburgh, PA. In 2015, the bridge was one of 3 bridges to have bike specific lanes installed.

The bridge is also known for the dinosaur/geese figures that are painted at the top of the bridge. One night in the early 1990’s, Tim Kaulen fearlessly scaled the bridge and painted four black geese atop of the 10th Street Bridge tower. Years later, the geese disappeared when crews repainted the bridge.

In 2018, Tim returned to repaint them. Tim, an artist living in Polish Hill, and his assistant, Brandon Barber, another local artist, were hoisted 95 feet into the crisp, fall air, strapped by a safety harness to the bucket of a 120-foot lift.

Tim has mentioned that the geese hold a special place in his heart. In his 20’s, Tim painted the geese to remember his grandfather’s goose-hunting decoys. He has never spoke of how he scaled the bridge to paint the geese. Over the years, people have mistaken the geese for dinosaurs.

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