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Snuzzles - Mertztown, PA

Back in the 80's, then a biker bar, was purchased by Bill and Ellen. They did a lot of renovations to the restaurant. Ellen & Bill tossed around several names and finally got Snuzzles from watching the movie Dumbo with their three daughters. There is a part in the movie where Dumbo's mother is locked up and he doesn’t have anyone to snuzzle with.

Snuzzles has a large bar area and an even larger dining area with additional second floor seating. It is spacious with numerous tables and booths. The inside resembles a barn with a high ceiling. If you plan to go there to catch up with family or friends, be prepared, the more people inside the nosier it gets; it can be difficult to have a conversation.

Snuzzles does not advertise (the owners believe in word-of-mouth). They do not take reservations, credit cards and do not serve desserts. They do have an ATM machine inside the restaurant if you do not have cash.

The best part about Snuzzles? Not just their great staff and delicious food, but it is affordable— even for a large family. They have a large menu and their food is delicious; expect large portions.

For more information:

Located at: 145 Lyons Rd, Mertztown, PA 19539

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