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Site of Conestoga Indian Massacre - Lancaster, PA

In 1757 the Native Americans aligned with the French and raided the community of Paxton. They burned homes and killed several members of the community.

A gang known as the Paxton Boys were looking for revenge. On December 14, 1763, the Paxton Boys attacked Conestoga Indians killing everyone and burning down their huts.

14 of the Conestoga Indians were not at their camp as they had gone to town to sell their wares. Fearing another attack on the remaining Indians, they were moved into a brick warehouse across from the county jail.

On December 27, 1763 the Paxton Boys massacred the remaining 14 Conestoga Indians being held in the warehouse.

The murdered Conestoga Indians were buried outside a Mennonite cemetery. In 1833 their remains were moved to make way for a railroad.

This building is located at the rear entrance to the Fulton Theater, Lancaster, PA

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