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Shaping Up Statue - Haddonfield, NJ

The eye-catching statue, called Shaping Up, is installed on the red-brick sidewalk at Kings Highway and Tanner Street. It was created in 1987 by the late J. Seward Johnson Jr.

The 66-inch, 500 pound sculpture celebrates joggers and our freedom to be outdoors.

J. Seward Johnson Jr., was a sculptor whose work frequently resembled actual people dipped in bronze. He would then paint and preserve the statue in an everyday pose.

Dispute the bronze color, the jogger appears life-like, in her powder-blue track suit with white piping and matching blue-and-white Nike sneakers; which surely was a popular style in the 80’s.

Visitors and locals can’t help but stop to admire the statue and sometimes snap a selfie.

The Shaping Up statue is on loan from the Grounds for Sculpture art exhibit, which was founded by Johnson in Hamilton, Mercer County.

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