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Scripture Rocks Heritage Park - Brookville, PA

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Scripture Rocks Heritage Park, Brookville, PA is a free public 4.5 acre hiking area maintained by the Jefferson County Historical Society.

From 1910-1913, Douglas M. Stahlman engraved boulders as part of his personal religious calling.

Douglas Stahlman grew up in Jefferson County and later moved to Tennessee and Indiana. In 1901 his wife died of blood poisoning after he sent the doctor away with the belief that faith and prayers would heal her. By not allowing medical treatment for his wife, he spent a short time in jail and his children were taken from him.

After losing his family, Stahlman came back to Jefferson County and began praying at secluded rocks. With the help of community members, in 1909 he began building chapels near some of the rocks to hold worship services.

When the community found out about what he had done to his wife, he moved into the woods and became a hermit living atop of a rock known as Altar Rock.

Stahlman began to inscribe many of the rocks that detail his devotion to God. By July 1913 he had inscribed 165 rocks.

After inscribing his final rocks, Stahlman disappeared for two years and was jailed in September 1915. While in jail he was declared insane and lived the rest of his life in a state mental institution. He died in August 1942.

Located at: 560, 610, PA-28, Brookville, PA 15825

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