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Schell's Restaurant, Dairy Swirl, & Miniature Golf - Temple, PA

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Schell's Restaurant, Dairy Swirl, & Miniature Golf is located in Temple, PA. In 1952, Lloyd Schell built and opened an ice cream store and miniature golf area.

In 1953, Lloyd’s son Paul came home from serving in the military. Paul purchased the property next to his fathers ice cream place and open an establishment to compliment the ice cream with hot dogs and root beer.

Locals would enjoy coming to play the eight hole miniature golf course with their friends and family. Today it is a twenty-seven hole miniature golf course; it was and still is an inexpensive and enjoyable evening out.

The family owned business has been in operation for almost 70 years. Today the menu selection has expanded and now includes the homemade BBQ made from a secret recipe from Paul’s wife, Jessie, and it is a definite must try. So good!

Located at: 4625 5th St Hwy., Temple, PA 19560


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