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Schaumboch’s Tavern - Kempton, PA

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Schaumboch’s Tavern is located in Albany Twp., Berks County & is considered to be one of America’s most haunted places.

The story dates back to 1756 when the Gerhardt family was slaughtered in their cabin on the hill. The only survivor was their 11 year old son Jacob, who later returned to the site around 1793 and built a new home where his old home once was.

In 1850, Matthias Schaumboch took ownership of the 2-room dwelling and established a tavern for travelers. Stories began to circulate and locals began hearing screams and moans coming from his barn. Some believe he would kill the travelers and chop them up and put parts of their bodies down a well and throughout the woods for the animals to get rid of . He would then go to town selling their clothing and personal belongings.

It is said that in 1879 Schaumboch died at the age of 55 after a mental breakdown and supposedly confessed to murdering 11 travelers while on his deathbed. He is buried at New Bethel church.

Today the home currently houses Hawk Mountain Sanctuary employees and the mysteries surrounding the tavern will continue to live on.

The property is located west on Hawk Mountain Road.

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