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Saylor Cement Kilns - Coplay, PA

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The Coplay Cement Company Kilns, also know as the Saylor Park Industrial Museum, is an open-air historic site located at North 2nd Street, Coplay, PA.

The nine (9) kilns were built in 1892-1893 and used for the production of Portland cement. The kilns are ninety feet tall and are constructed of locally produced red brick. They are known as Schoefer vertical kilns. The kilns were shut down in 1904. The Coplay Cement Company donated the kilns and land to Lehigh County in 1975 for a cement industry museum.

The kilns are located on a 2.6-acre park located along the 9 mile Ironton Rail Trail. There is a nice walking and bike trail for locals and visitors to enjoy with family or friends.

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