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Saint Gabriel's Hall - Norristown, PA

Updated: Feb 17

Since 1898, the Philadelphia Archdiocese program has provided education, youth care, social work, residential, vocational and clinical services, as well as general support for the City of Philadelphia’s court-adjudicated delinquent youths.

At one time, their programs included St. Gabriel’s Hall, a residential and educational program for Philadelphia youths ages 13 to 19 whose situations were determined by the courts; the Mitchell Program, a 120-day residential treatment program; and De La Salle Vocational (DelVoc), a treatment center and educational program based in Bensalem.

A 2019 City Residential Placement Task Force noted a 72 percent reduction of delinquent youth committed to congregate-care: from 867 in December 2014 to 244 in April 2019. St. Gabriel’s announced in September of 2020 that they would be closing. On December 1, 2020, after 122 years of service to youth and families, they officially closed their doors.

St, Gabriel’s Hall helped thousands of kids find their paths in life for 122 years.

Located at: 1350 Pawlings Rd, Norristown, PA 19401

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