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Rosicrucian Stone Pyramids

We explored deep in the woods of Quakertown, Bucks County, PA on the grounds of a Rosicrucian property, where they have numerous stone pyramids. This video shows one pyramid that is over 30 feet tall.

The pyramids were built in the 1920s by chiropractor Rueben Clymer, who also happened to be a Rosicrucian Grand Master. The pyramid is surrounded by a rose garden that serves as a Rosicrucian cemetery.  Traditionally, the Rosicrucian’s plant a rose bush over the ashes of a deceased member.  This is viewed as the quickest way to free a person’s soul from the body to hasten reincarnation.

Despite the "No Trespassing" signs, visitors are permitted on the property, only during the daytime, and no pets.

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