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Rodeo Cowboy Muffler Man - Woodstown, NJ

The 22 foot Cowboy Muffler Man is the mascot at the Cowtown Rodeo and Farmer’s Market, the oldest weekly rodeo in the U.S. He was manufactured in Venice, CA by International Fiberglass. His face, which is not standard, is believed to be custom designed in 1967 to resemble Marshall Sid, the owner of an auto dealership in Wilmington, DE.

Cowtown acquired the Rodeo Cowboy in 1975 at an auction. Originally there was a rope in his hand but people kept swinging on it so they took it down. He does have his cowboy hat, boots and pistol.

In 2005 the head and torso of the cowboy were torn off due to high winds. He was repaired in 2006 and still stands today to greet the people visiting Cowtown.

To learn more about Cowtown Rodeo, click HERE

Located at: Cowtown Rodeo & Farmers Market, 780 Hwy. 40, Woodstown, NJ 08098

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