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Pink Elephant Mural - Southside Pittsburgh, PA

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Baron Batch uses elephants as his subject matter as a way of representing community and also adds words of wisdom.

Baron Batch was drafted in 2011 as a running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. After tearing his ACL in training camp, he played 12 games and retired from football in 2013. After his retirement from football, Baron became a full-time artist. He started his company,

Studio AM, one year after leaving the Steelers.

The only form of exercise Baron could do was biking around the city. He started to spray paint messages along his riverfront bike rides. The problem was Batch didn’t have permission to spray paint on some of the surfaces. He was arrested and paid $30,000 in fines and legal fees.

Friends of the Riverfront, the area where Baron graffitied, gave him permission to paint a section that is lined with concrete barriers. Baron and a group of volunteers painted the concrete barriers bright colors and this is how the Color Park started.

Baron also started to do art drops where he would leave a piece of his artwork in a public area and post on social media that the first person to find it could have it for free.

Eventually he was commissioned to paint a mural. He created 20 pieces throughout Pittsburgh.

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