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PA State Police Mural - Greensburg, PA

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

PA State Police Mural, Pittsburgh Street, Greensburg, PA.

Twelve murals, hand painted by artist Wayne Ferro from Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, can be found in small towns along Route 30 as part of the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor's 65 “Roadside Museums” that runs thru six Pennsylvania counties.

Wayne Fettro started painting signs and billboards after he graduated from high school. He is now a well-known muralist.

After the LHHC locates an appropriate site for a mural, Mr. Fettro meets with the community committee for their input. He then makes a sketch which goes back to the committee for their approval.

The mural project along the Pennsylvania Lincoln Highway draws attention to the country’s first coast to coast Highway constructed in 1913.

The mural shows a Pennsylvania State Trooper aiding a motorist with a map. Greensburg was one of the first cities in the Commonwealth to have a State Police force.

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