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Oscar the Monster Turtle of Fulk Lake - Churubusco, Indiana

Oscar is a tribute to legends of a prehistoric turtle as big as a car or boat. First spotted in 1898 and then again in 1948. In 1948 two men were fishing and claimed to have spotted a giant snapper turtle called “The Beast of Busco.” Several people have claimed to have seen the turtle that had a head the size of a child and was between 400-500 pounds. At one point they actually were able to trap the turtle but he broke out of the net. In 1949 the lake was drained to find the giant turtle but ran out of money to continue. It is said that Oscar can be spotted on foggy nights when he rises up to feed on ducks and geese.

Churubusco calls itself “Turtle Town U.S.A.” The city holds a four-day festival every June to celebrate the turtle.

Located at: 1 Park Drive, Churubusco, IN

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