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"Old Trappe Church" - now known as Augustus Lutheran Church - Trappe, PA

Reverend Henry Melchior Muhlenberg arrived from Germany in 1742 and settled in Trappe, PA with his wife. In 1743, the congregation began building the “Old Trappe Church” using native stone and materials gathered by hand. In September of 1743, the first services were held in the building, and it was dedicated in October 1746.

Today, the “Old Trappe Church” stands as a testament to the dedication and hard work of our ancestors. It is the oldest unchanged Lutheran Church building in continuous use in the United States. Services are held here throughout the summer, on Christmas Eve, and weddings and funerals are frequently held in our historic Lutheran landmark.

The large church next to the "Old Trappe Church" is the current church building, known to members as “The Brick Church”. It began in May of 1852 to accommodate the growth in the congregation and to have newer technology for the services.

Henry Muhlenberg, who founded the "Old Trappe Church" eventually died at his home in Trappe, PA, at age 76. He was interred in the rear of Augustus Lutheran Church with his wife Anna Maria, followed by their son Peter. Per his request, he was buried next to the grave of his good friend, sponsor, and Augustus Church co-founder, Frederick Ludwig Marsteller.

To learn more on Henry Muhlenberg and his involvement with the church, click HERE.

For more information on the church, click HERE

Located at: 717 W Main St, Trappe, PA 19426

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