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Old rusted Freihofer’s bread truck on Water Street, Oley, PA

Charles Freihofer, son of a German immigrant, founded the Freihofer Baking Company in Philadelphia, PA in 1884. In March of 1913 his sons joined him and they established the Freihofer Baking Company in Troy, NY.

In 1949 the company debuted a television show on WRGB “The Freddie Freihofer Show” called “Breadtime Stories”. The host, Uncle Jim Fish, wore a Freihofer deliveryman’s uniform and told stories.

Freddy Freihofer,

We think you’re swell…

Freddy, we love

The stories you tell,

We love your cookies, your pies and your cakes.

We love everything Freddy Freihofer makes.

Freihofer’s delivered their baked goods by horse and wagon up until 1962. Families would put the Freihofer sign in their windows which would signal the delivery person to stop. In 1972 all the truck deliveries to homes were phased out.

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