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Old Jail Museum - Jim Thorpe, PA

Resembling a fortress standing guard over the town of Jim Thorpe, PA, the historic Old Jail Museum is a stunning two-story stone structure. 72 rooms in total, the building has 27 old jail cells, as well as a few cells in the basement, or the ‘dungeon’ used for solitary confinement. 

We toured the Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe to hear stories of ghosts, the inmates and the history of the jail.  

Of all the inmates, the most notable are the Molly Maguires.This group, formally Irish coal miners, were convicted and sentenced to death by hanging within the walls of the jail. They were charged with killing their bosses and also other miners due to a pursuit for better pay.

Cell #17 is the star attraction. Locked, it's home to a handprint placed on the wall by prisoner, Thomas Fischer, as a declaration of his innocence before being led to the gallows. There are stories that wardens have tried to remove it and even tried to paint over it and replaster it, but the handprint is still there. 

Visitors come away from the museum with reports of seeing apparitions and strange shadow figures, loud bangs from the darkness of the solitary confinement cells down below, and even shoving when the spirits feel as though visitors have overstayed their welcome. Objects will move around the kitchen area, and visitors can hear pots and pans banging.

Located at:  128 W Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

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