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Covered Bridges of Lancaster County, PA

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Forry's Mill Covered Bridge, is located in Columbia, PA and spans the Chiques Creek in West Hempfield in Lancaster county, PA. This bridge is county-owned and maintained and it's official designation is the Big Chiques #7 Bridge.

The covered bridge was originally built in 1869 by noted bridge builder Elias McMellen and takes its name from the Forry family, whose stone house still overlooks the bridge on the western bank of Chiques Creek.

The bridge is a single span featuring a double Burr arch truss. With a total length of 103 feet, it is the final covered bridge to cross the Chiques Creek before the stream empties into the Susquehanna River.

Located at: Bridge Valley Rod, Columbia, PA 17512

Kauffman’s Distillery Covered Bridge - Manheim, PA

The Kauffman’s Distillery Covered Bridge/Sporting Hill Bridge spans the Chiques Creek in Lancaster County. In 1980 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Located at: 661 W. Sun Hill Road, Manheim, PA

The Keller’s Mill Covered Bridge is also known as Cocalico No. 5 Bridge, Guy Bard Covered Bridge and Rettew’s Covered Bridge.

It was built in 1873 by Elias McMellen at the cost of $2075.00 and spanned the Cocalico creek in Ephrata township. Elias also built a house and mill close by. Mr. McMellen rebuilt the bridge in 1891 after it was destroyed by a flood.

In 2006 the bridge was disassembled and moved due to increasing traffic. In 2009 it was reconstructed.

This is the only covered bridge in the county that is not painted red.

Located at: 103 Middle Creek Road, Lititz, PA

Leaman Place Covered Bridge, also known as Eshelman’s Mill Covered Bridge and Paradise Bridge, spans across Pequea Creek in Lancaster County.

The bridge is a single span double burr arch truss which was constructed by James C. Carpenter in 1845. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Located at: North Belmont Road, Gordonville, PA

The Neff’ Mill Bridge, Pequea #7, was built in 1824 by Christian Brackbill and spans the Pequea creek.

The bridge has a single span, wooden, double Burr arch trusses design with the addition of steel hanger rods. The deck is made from oak planks. It is painted red, the traditional color of Lancaster County covered bridges.

It was rebuilt in 1875 by James C. Carpenter. It is also known as the Bowman’s Mill Covered Bridge. In 1980 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today the bridge is county owned and maintained.

Located: over Pequea Creek on Penn Grant Road

Shearer’s Covered Bridge - Manheim, PA

Shearer’s Covered Bridge was built in 1847 by John Clare crossing Chickies Creek. It was rebuilt in 1855. The bridge was scheduled to be demolished but was saved due to local fundraising. In 1971 it was moved 4 miles to its present location at Manheim Memorial Park. It is the only bridge in the county that is completely painted red.

Located at: 504 East Adele Avenue, Manheim, PA

Zook’s Mill Covered Bridge

The Zook’s Mill Covered Bridge was built in 1849 by Henry Zook. The bridge which is located in Lancaster County is also known as the Wenger Covered Bridge or Rose Hill Covered Bridge. It spans the Cocalico Creek and is 74 feet long and 13 feet three inches wide.

The bridge survived Hurricane Agnes in June of 1972 despite being filled with 6-½ feet of water.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on December 11, 1980. The bridge was featured in the 1978 film The Boys from Brazil starring Gregory Peck.

Located at: 1015 Log Cabin Road, Leola, PA

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