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Murder of Adeline Baver

On the night of October 7, 1857 Adeline attended a dance in Leesport, PA. No one seemed to notice when Adeline left the dance or if she left with anyone.

Catherine Seaman, a worker at the Mohrsville Hotel, went to the shed to get supplies and heard moaning but dismissed the sounds.

The next day Adeline’s body was found under the Irish Creek Bridge. Her body was discovered by a deaf person who tried to signal his discovery but no one was able to understand him. Later a group of railroad workers found her body. Adeline’s cause of death was her throat had been slit. Investigators noted her body had been killed outside of Mohrsville Hotel and moved to the location it was discovered.

Several warrants had been issued on suspicion of being involved in the murder - they were questioned and released.

Later Jackson Williams, alias Tom Williams; David Grumbert and Samuel Hyler were arrested and charged with participation in the murder of Adeline Baver.

It is said that Adeline’s ghost wanders the canal and train tracks where her body was found.

Her tombstone reads: In memoriam - Adeline Baver - She was born May 15, 1838 - She was murdered October 7, 1857 - Age, 19 years, 4 months and 22 days.

Located at: Belleman’s Church & Cemetery,

3540 Bellemans Church Rd, Mohrsville, PA 19541

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