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Murals of Philadelphia, PA

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

We found this beautiful mural in Philadelphia. It's part of the Mural Arts Programs 25th Anniversary with the theme This We Believe.

Peace Like a River by Dennis Haugh. Part of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. this mural is located across the street from the Laurel Hill Cemetery. Examples of Dennis' work can be found in 15 states across the country or by visiting him online at:

Tree of Knowledge by Michael Webb.

The mural depicts a learning tree or Tree of Knowledge and hidden among the leaves are, in artist Michael Webb’s words, “objects alluding to the breadth of human endeavor, knowledge, and perseverance.”

Mad Arts Program - Reverend William L. King

Paradise by Felix St. Fort

Natural Arts Program - Be Kind to Animals by Willis Haumphrey, Gabe Tiberino and Jane Golden at 22nd & Dauphin Streets, Philadelphia. Designed to raise awareness about animals, instill correct ways to treat them, initiate conversation about animal cruelty and encourage positive relationships with our pets.

Mural on Allegheny Avenue

We Rise! Children, Trauma, and Resilience by Josh Sarantitis, Philadelphia

This Philadelphia mural portrays the struggles and survival of children exposed to violence. They are survivors and celebrates their strength. This mural was sponsored by the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services.

Common Threads mural in Philadelphia, PA by Tish Ingersoll

The Common Threads mural depicts contemporary young people imitating postures of historical figures.

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