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Murals by Tony Napoli

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

While looking on Instagram, we noticed a post on the Bristol Stomp mural. We ended up on artist, Tony Napoli's Instagram page and found that he was the artist of not only the Bristol Stomp mural but two other murals in Bucks County. We eventually became Instagram friends. Us enjoying his art and him enjoying our travels. He invited us to see the murals in person. Finally in August of 2021, we had the opportunity. Tony was so gracious to take us to each mural, explained the details and spoke about the students who helped paint them. Thank you so much Tony for taking the time out of your day to escort us from one amazing mural to another. We can't wait to see your upcoming art projects.

Belmont's Garage Mural

The Belmont Garage mural represents a drive-in movie theatre. Belmont Garage owner, Andy Belmont, also wanted the mural to incorporate things that have meant something to him over the years. The mural has Andy’s first car, a 1957 Chevy Bel Air and a 1959 Caddy, which he owned until recently.

It also has a 1940 Ford, once owned by a friend of his father’s; a 1972 Nova which his grandmother purchased new at Stockburger’s in 1973; and his 1966 Corvette.

One of the license plates in the mural bears Andy's father's signature plate, “Chic 57.” and two others include his race car number, “14.” His children's birthdates are also on the license plates.

Images of an S&H Green Stamp, a Coca-Cola sign and an ad for Chesterfields, which is a reminder of Andy's grandfather. The pin-up girl is his fiancé.

Unfortunately the garage was not open when we stopped by. We peeked in the window and were amazed at the vintage items such as NASCAR memorabilia, model cars, license plates, a Marilyn Monroe statue, an old gas pump and everything in between.

Artists who assisted Tony on the Belmont mural: Annie Kruzinski, Curtis May, Deanna Michalovicz, Deirdra Hennessey, Jessica Bednarcik and Leslie Kliesh.

"Greetings From Yardley" Mural located in Yardley, PA

The mural at 15 S. Main Street, Yardley, PA was designed by Tony. Jef Buehler, previous president of Experience Yardley, wanted to put a mural on the wall in the center of town so locals and visitors will recognize this as an icon. Experience Yardley wanted a modern-day post card that would be based on the popular vacation postcards of the 1930's and '40s.

He supervised the mural's painting, working with a team of former students and other artists. The mural is on the wall of Firehouse Cycles at Buttonwood Plaza and was created by Experience Yardley.

The “Greetings From Yardley” mural was dedicated on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020.

Artists who assisted Tony on the Yardley mural: Annie Kruzinski, Curtis May, Deirdre Hennessey, Jessica Bednarcik, Katy Freeman and Leslie Kliesh.

"Bristol Stomp" Mural located in Bristol, PA

The William Penn Bank branch at the corner of Market Street and Old Route 13 is the location of the Bristol Mural. It is inspired by the “Bristol Stomp"; the 1961 song performed by The Dovells. Tony was very excited and honored to be chosen for this project. He grew up on Wood Street in Bristol watching his father paint signs. The dedication of the Bristol Stomp was held on Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

Artists who assisted Tony on the Bristol mural: Annie Kruzinski, Deanna Michalovicz, Deirdre Hennessey, and Leslie Kliesh.

About Tony Napoli:

Tony Napoli is retired from the Pennsbury School District where he chaired the art department. For nearly 30 years Tony has coordinated the Pennsbury Prom. Every spring he transforms the high school into an evening to remember for the students. Tony was excited to be chosen for these murals and very honored. The Bristol mural is dear to him as he is a native of Bristol. He grew up on Wood Street riding his bike through town and stopping at the local record shop. Tony's father owned a sign business. He enjoyed watching his father paint signs; one of his first jobs was assisting his father do lettering for the Bristol Wharf.

Tony enjoys spending time with his family, trips to the beach and bike riding. As he is enjoying his retirement he can’t resist his love of the arts. We will keep you posted on any artwork in Tony’s future.

To follow Tony on Instagram click HERE.

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