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Most Blessed Sacrament Church & Cemetery - Bally, PA

Updated: Jan 11

The church was founded in 1741 as St. Paul’s Chapel in the town of Goshenhoppen. The Goshenhoppen Registry, recording baptism, marriages and deaths from 1741, is stored at the St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in the Philadelphia Archdiocese. Over the years 25 pastors have served in this church.

While researching the Most Blessed Sacrament Church we learned that there is also a museum located at 610 Pine Street, Bally called the Monsignor Charles Allwein Museum. Alot of my Bauer/Bower ancestors are buried in the cemetery - we will definitely check out this museum to find what ancestral records we can come across.

Located at: 610 Pine Street, Bally, PA

Most of the tombstones were washed away during flooding from a hurricane in the 1950s. The tombstones that were recovered are behind the church. In the 1960s the stone wall was torn down around the cemetery. The newer cemetery is located across the street.

Melissa Ann Hish - 11/20/1965 - 7/2/1967 (1 year, 7 months, 12 days)

daughter of John W. & Marjorie Melcher Hish

Balzar "Bolser" Knode - 1864 - 8/16/1946 and his wife, Elizabeth G. Eline Knode - 1866 - 7/26/1945

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