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Molly Pitcher's Resting Spot in the Old Graveyard - Carlisle, PA

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

“Molly Pitcher” was a nickname that Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley received because of her role in the Battle of Monmouth, 1778. When the war began her husband, William Hays, enlisted and became a gunner. Mary joined her husband as a camp follower.

Legend says that Mary began carrying water to the Continental Army troops, but when her husband, the artillery man, was wounded, she abandoned her water jugs and took up loading the artillery in his place.

General George Washington is said to have observed her heroics on the battlefield and awarded her a non-commissioned officers rank. Mary was allegedly called “Sergeant Molly” for the rest of her life. After the war, William and Mary Hays returned to Pennsylvania and settled on South Street in Carlisle.

Mary Hays is buried at the Old Graveyard in Carlisle. The Molly Pitcher Rest Area along the NJ Turnpike is named in honor of her service to her country.

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