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Mister Rogers Statue - Pittsburgh, PA

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The Mister Rogers statue is located in Pittsburgh, PA and is known to many as the “Lumpy Mr. Rogers Statue” or “The Mud Monster”. Even at almost 11 feet tall and 7,000 pounds, it can be missed if you’re not looking for it.

Mr. Rogers had a reputation as an endearing and gentle man and did so much for so many. His television show was a success and many young children grew up watching it, including us!

Mister Rogers passed away in 2003 and at that time his lifelong friend, Cordelia May, as well as the heiress to the Mellon fortune, decided to have a statue built of him through her Colcom Foundation.

In 2009, the bronze statue was completed. It is located along the North Shore overlooking the Ohio River. The statue cost $3,000,000 and was created by the late Robert Berks. Robert was chosen to create the statue because he was one of Rogers’ favorite sculptors. This was Robert’s last work before he passed away. He was also the sculptor of the lumpy Albert Einstein statue located in Washington DC.

The statue depicts Mister Rogers smiling as he ties his shoes. This was something that he did at the beginning of each episode of his show. Visitors can listen to songs playing in the background where the statue is displayed of 29 musical compositions by Fred Rogers. We had no idea that he also composed music.

We need more Mister Rogers’ in our lives. We need to always treat others with kindness and respect regardless of race, religion or ethnicity, to understand the people and places around you so you can become a contributing, productive member of YOUR neighborhood.

If you are in this area of Pittsburgh, you absolutely must stop by and visit your friendly neighbor.

Located at: North Shore Drive, Pittsburgh, PA

Admission: Free

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