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Millersburg Ferry, Crossing the Susquehanna River

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

On Saturday we boarded the Falcon III, Millersburg Ferry, for a ferry ride across the Susquehanna River. The Falcon III and The Roaring Bull V are the last two known wooden double stern-wheel paddle boats still in operation in the United States. One of the gentleman working on the boat told us the ferry had been there for over 200 years. The earliest tax records date back to 1817, but he is sure the ferry started running way before 1817. The cost for a round trip ferry ride is $10.00.

While on the ferry we met a 92-year-young Navy veteran. Her served 50 years in the Navy and then worked on the Harrisburg Riverboat. We also met a Mennonite family that had a farm in Moselem Springs (not far from where we live) and then moved their farm to Lebanon County. We love days like this where you meet new people and hear their stories.

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