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Lenape Hall - Doylestown, PA

The two story tavern, Bull’s Head, was built on the corner of Main and State Streets in 1774 by Samuel & Joseph Flack. Demolition of the tavern began on April 1, 1874.

Lenape Hall, named for the Lenni Lenape Indians, was built in 1874 and consisted of three-stories. The first floor had 53 market stalls. The second floor had a hall for entertainment and public events and the third floor was space for offices. Taylor & Hulshizer pharmacy occupied the storefront as did other drugstores until the 1970s.

The clock on the exterior was made by clockmaker Louis Spellier, inventor of the electric clock.

In 1909 the second floor became a motion picture theater. In 1928 the upper floors were turned into a bowling alley and dance hall.

In 1984 a group of investors purchased Lenape Hall and renovated it. The 2nd and 3rd floors are now offices and apartments.

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